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Current Election Information


For all election information pertaining to Ashland City Government,
contact the City Recorder's Office at (541) 488-5307.

For all election information pertaining to Jackson County,
contact Jackson County Elections at (541) 774-6148.




2014 City Elections Procedures

So You Want to Run for City Office?

Elected City Officers serve four year terms and the election for these positions are held in November of every other year. The following indicates the officers that are elected and the year that the election will be held.

November 4, 2014 General Election
Candidate Filing Information
Voluntary Contribution & Spending Limit - $3,352 (will indicate YES or NO)
(page updated 7/21/2014 - and will continue to be updated as filings are received)

Council Position #2
Michael Morris-incumbent
YES-Voluntary Spending Limit

Park Commissioner Position #3
Mike Gardiner
YES-Voluntary Spending Limit

Council Position #4
Stefani Seffinger
Completed Filing

YES - Voluntary Spending Limit

Park Commissioner Position #4

Council Position #6
Pam Marsh
Completed Filing

YES - Voluntary Spending Limit

Theo White
Completed Filing

YES - Voluntary Spending Limit

Park Commissioner Position #5
Rick Landt - incumbent
Completed Filing

YES-Voluntary Spending Limit

Municipal Judge
Pamela Burkholder Turner - incumbent
Completed Filing
NO-Voluntary Spending Limit

City Recorder
Barbara Christensen - incumbent
Completed Filing

YES - Voluntary Spending Limit



Filing Period:

First Day to File: June 4, 2014
Last Day to File: August 21, 2014


Please note: Be sure to check on filing requirements before circulating petitions and when spending or receiving monies.


All forms and instruction on filing for a City Office are available through the City Recorder's Office in City Hall at 20 E. Main or on our website.  

Please click here to access filing information.

When you are ready to file your papers, please call Barbara Christensen, City Recorder at 488-5307 for an appointment..Office Hours: Monday through Thursday (Closed Friday) 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m..


Qualifications for candidacy:
An elector is a registered voter in the State of Oregon and resides within the city limits.


Filing of Candidacy for Nomination:
Filing period for Candidacy for Nomination (SEL120) is no sooner than 8:30 a.m. on June 4, 2014.


Filing of Candidate Signature Sheets and Petition Submission:
Filing period is no later than 4:00 p.m. on August 21, 2014. Signature sheets (SEL 121) with the sufficient number of signatures are required to be submitted to the County Elections Office for signature verification. Once the required number of signatures are submitted, candidate is to submit the petition along with the Petition Submission form (SEL 338) to the City Recorder.



City Election Officer:
All filings for City Office are processed through the City Recorder's Office. A person cannot file for more than one City Office Position during an election.


Statement of Organization:
A prospective candidate, who anticipates spending more than $750 for the entire election, must file a Candidate's Statement of Organization (SEL220) within three business days of receiving a contribution or making an expenditure, but no later than the deadline for filing for candidacy.


Petition for Nomination:
An approved petition for circulation is obtained from the City Recorder at the time of filing for candidacy. The petition will be signed by not fewer than twenty-five (25) qualified electors. No elector may sign more than one petition for each office to filled at the election.


Information on the duties and responsibilities of elected city officials by city charter and city ordinances are also available through the City Recorder's Office.



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